The fundamentals


We specialize in a limited number of investment types. We exclude any investment advise for which we do not have a proven track expertise to form our independent opinion. Our teams, and those of our partners, benefit from proven experience in each of the sectors we deal with.

Capital protection

Ensuring the preservation of our clients’ capital is our first objective and comes before even making any profit. We systematically analyse stress tests and worst case scenarios and implement rigorous due diligence processes for any investment opportunity we might consider. We are therefore inherently drawn to defensive and decorrelated types of investments.


We consider our relationships with our clients to be a long-term commitment that requires total transparency regarding our activities and fees.

Tailored solutions

Our investors are at the heart of our process and we strive to deliver top quality, tailored advice to each and every one.

Alignment of interests

Our fees are performance-related, which guarantees an alignment of interests between our teams, our partner teams and our investors.