About Us

Founded in 2011, Elyseum Investment is an established independent investment group focused on long-term value creation.

Based in Paris, London, Geneva and Luxembourg, Elyseum Investment combines a proven experience and a prime expertise to provide its Institutional and Family Offices  clients with state-of-the-art investment solutions. Combining a portfolio of over €2.5 Billion spread across Europe and North America, Elyseum Investment is built around three business lines: Private Equity, Real Estate and Family Office.

Led by its founding partners Yann Thomas and Etienne Mouthon, Elyseum Investment has successfully developed long-lasting relationships with its clients and business partners based on independence and transparency. The unique combination of our broad and deep expertise as well as our highly skilled network enables us to provide our investor with superior risk adjusted returns.

Elyseum Investment is dedicated to responsible investment and firmly believes that sustainability is key to generate long-term performance. In line with its values, Elyseum Investment has been committed for more than 10 years in developing an internal culture of accountable engagement.

A defensive approach sustained by investment excellence

Active in private equity, real estate and family office services, Elyseum Investment aims to generate absolute returns with capital preservation as a first prerequisite.

Elyseum Investment defensive approach is a core part of its DNA and covers all the investment phases. This encompasses stringent investment criteria, qualitative and quantitative due diligences, implementation of an appropriate structure as well as continuous risk monitoring and ongoing supervision.

Elyseum Investment ability to capture long-term performance is further sustained by its agility and capacity to invest in decorrelated strategies able to withstand adverse market fluctuations.

Leveraging on its seasoned team and highly skilled network, Elyseum Investment has developed a unique know-how in optimising the value creation of its portfolio relying on an active management approach.

Convinced that sustainability factors are key to deliver successful outcomes, Elyseum Investment integrates at the heart of its operations a close monitoring of the extra financial performance (Environmental, Social and Governance) of its portfolio.

Our fondamentals


Our teams and those of our partners bring valuable experience in each of our business lines. We perform thorough upstream analysis in order to make sound decisions.
We implement an active approach over the long-term to deliver superior performance and positive impact.
We strive to provide first-rate investment services to each one of our investor


We are a fully management-owned group, which is a genuine guarantee of sustainability.


As such we consider our relationships with our clients to be a long-term commitment that requires total transparency regarding our activities and fees.


Through a total alignment of interest and a common vision, we put our clients’ satisfaction as a prerequisite.


Independent thinkers, we offer flexible and customized investment solutions with a defensive approach while staying frontrunners and detect changes in long-term trends.


We bring best-in-class structuring capabilities and experience in an ever-changing environment.


We have a long history at creating strong and fruitful long-term relationships with renowned experts and reliable partners.


Creation of Elyseum

€2.5 Billion

Combined portfolio