A sustainable approach to deliver long-term performance.

Long-standing responsible investor, Elyseum Investment believes that identifying and assessing sustainability factors is key to protect and enhance the value of its portfolio. This encompasses the selection of partners, the screening of investment opportunities from a non-financial point of view, the management of sustainability risks and the disclosure of ESG factors.

ESG criteria at the heart of our operations


ESG factors are an integral part of our investment policy. ESG analysis is embedded in our investment process.

All our strategies are hence evaluated in the light of their impact as well as their financial interest in order to assess their relevance.

Each opportunity is analyzed with a bespoke due diligence approach using public and investment-specific data as well as discussions with company executives and sector experts


Alongside financial performance, we follow-up closely the ESG performance of the portfolio.

Thanks to the implemented tools and indicators, we ensure a continuous improvement of our business practices.

We make sure that the investments comply at all times with our ESG commitments.

Comprehensive reporting allows our clients to ensure alignment with their investment and sustainable objectives.