Elyseum Investment wins a new real estate investment mandate in Europe

Elyseum Investment Group continues to develop its real estate department and is pleased to announce that it has won a new real estate investment mandate in Europe.

Pinnacle Europe is planning to diversify its property asset holdings by investing approximately €100 Million in new European real estate assets, through Elyseum Investment.

Pinnacle Europe will focus on long-term holdings of stable, recurring revenue-generating assets or the acquisition of assets with potential that require active management such as renovation, improvements of the leasing situation or change of use.

Our teams will be involved in the entire real estate investment process: acquisition, financing, asset management and eventual sale.


The new acquisitions will be mainly commercial – offices, retail outlets and hotels – primarily in France, the UK and Spain.

Value added and core plus strategies will be sought out, targeting long-term holdings and stable assets that produce returns, as well as assets with potential, which will be actively managed in terms of renovation, improvements to the leasing situation or change of use.

Elyseum Investment will work closely with its local operating partners. Elyseum Investment always involve local operating partners in the identification, analysis and implementation of new investments when working outside of its domestic markets.

This new investment mandate illustrates Elyseum Investment Group’s continuing development of activities in the real estate sector across Europe, and particularly in Spain.