Asset financing

Revenues from tangible assets

These investments involve the acquisition, and subsequent leasing, of essential assets to a company. This allows the company to gain access to financing without going through a bank.
Such deals are growing in popularity due to the decrease in availability of financing from banks and an increase in specialist operators in this area.
Investment in tangible assets brings returns and security, both because of the recurrence of revenues generated and by virtue of the intrinsic value of the asset financed.

Transportation equipment

Transportation equipment such as aircraft, helicopters and ships are the main types of asset we have financed in this area.
We believe that these underlying securities are particularly suitable, due to their liquidity and the predictability of their eventual resale value.

Investment strategy

We mainly target sales and leaseback operations with investment horizons of three to six years. We analyse opportunities with regard to the viability of the asset’s leaseholder, the asset’s market depth and the volatility of its eventual resale value.
We have solid operational and industrial partnerships in place to support the different types of asset we finance. We do not involve ourselves in any opportunities where it is not possible to utilise our technical partnerships to carry out independent valuations and projections of the asset in question.


Our teams, and those of our partners, have already made investments of over €450 Million in asset financing, €350 Million of which was in the aeronautic sector.