A decorrelated asset class

Infrastructures such as power plants, airport concessions and telecommunication or hospital equipment offer long-term investment frameworks with stable, predictable cash flows and regular returns. They bring stability and performance to the heart of a portfolio and offer a protection from economic climate or stock market fluctuations.

Renewable energies

We have a particular interest in renewable energy infrastructures – across solar, wind and biomass. This sector has been experiencing major growth across the world, thanks to both government involvement and considerable technological advances.

Investment strategy

Our strategy is to position ourselves with low-risk assets, ensuring regular returns in the 12 to 18 months following investment – whether through the acquisition of operational or under construction assets . We avoid investing in any projects with remaining development risk and always make sure that all the necessary permits and authorisations have been obtained or granted. We mainly work in Europe, where we have in place a network of leading operational partners – giving us access to a significant volume of projects and assisting us during operational phases.


Our teams, and those of our partners, have concrete experience in energy infrastructure investments across Europe. They have invested in around 140 renewable energy plants in this area, representing over 800MW capacity and over 1.7 billion euros in capital and debt investments.