Private debt

A financial instrument with strong demand

Recourse to private debt is seeing significant growth; primarily due to the banks deleveraging and related financing difficulties. This is also due to the acceleration of banking disintermediation. It is also a non-dilutive type of financing, which is appreciated by companies’ shareholders and managers. For investors, the benefits of private debts are visibility, recurring income and protection in case of underlying difficulties in the company.

Investment strategy

Our teams, and those of our partners, have a broad scope in this field:

  • Acquisition financing
  • Growth financing: investments in build-ups, allowing companies to put in place growth strategies while benefiting from flexible financing structures – for companies going through LBO or not.
  • Refinancing

We mainly operate in Europe and target opportunities ranging from €5 Million to €30 Million. We pay particular attention to establishing that the company can demonstrate high visibility regarding future cash flow and has sufficient levels of capital.


Our teams, and those of our partners, have proven experience in private debt, having overseen the origination and execution of over 50 investments with a cumulative value of over €250 Million.