We are flexible and opportunistic when choosing the investment types to pursue.

We consider opportunities with very different investment contexts – share deals, debt redemption or asset acquisition – and extremely variable investment horizons – from 18 months to 20 years.

We are mostly involved in the commercial segment: offices, commercial outlets and hotels. We generally handle transactions valued at between €10 Million and €50 Million.

We have two types of strategy in this area:

  • Long-term ownership of assets with stable returns. We usually use financial leverage through bank financing in order to optimise profitability.
  • Short- or medium-term ownership aimed at creating value on an asset with potential by putting in place active management such as renovation, improvement to the leasing situation or a change of use.

Whenever we invest outside of our domestic market, we work with local operating partners to assist us in the identification, analysis and implementation of new investments. We choose these partners based on their track record and their expertise in a given niche market. We always seek to maximise alignments of interest, in particular by favouring partners who co-invest with us.